SEP 7 & 14, 2023 5-7pm (US Central) 
SEP 8 & 15
, 2023 8-10am (AEST)

Compliance & Culture Training

2 two-hour sessions where you design and develop action-packed, story-based required training. No more dreaded compliance courses! 
  Teams of 4 or more, email for group discounts. 
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 Why Attend?  


  1. Analyzing for action.
  2. Nurturing stakeholder relationships.
  3. Building templates that leave room for storytelling.
  4. Giving learners practice. 


Get beyond checking the box and equip learners to take action. Turn boring into riveting. You'll get practice and feedback on your work!

Impact culture

Give required training the power to drive meaningful change in the organization.


When learners feel respected and equipped, behaviors begin to align. Don't be surprised when compliance begins to be perceived positively...even fun!


Session 1 (2 hours)
Meet your learning audience and the course topic. You'll analyze for action, find connections with core values and build a story for training. 
Set aside a few hours between sessions to finish the story for a sample training that you will share with the group. 
Session 2 (2 hours)
Get feedback from peers...and Rance...on your work. Build a strategy for communicating with learners outside of the course. 

Rance Greene

Rance Greene formed and the School for Story Design for those who struggle with storytelling at work. His methodology—Story Design—gives leaders, designers & developers a systematic and creative way for discovering who their audience is and how to persuade them to take action on new ideas. He helps leadership & talent development teams discover that they are uniquely equipped to tell the best story for their audiences. Rance is the author of Instructional Story Design, a practical guide for developing stories that train. He coaches, teaches, speaks and writes often on the benefits of stories to connect humans to one another.

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