Instructional Story Design

There's a certification for that? Yep!
Practitioners of Instructional Story Design possess unique capabilities that bring stories center stage in training. can officially receive the credentials as a Certified Instructional Story Designer!
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Phase 1

The Instructional Story Design Experience

A blended learning experience where you practice Story Design from discover to design to development.

Phase 2

Project-based mentorship

After completing Phase 1, build a course using Instructional Story Design with one-on-one feedback at each stage of design and development with coaching from the author of Instructional Story Design, Rance Greene

Phase 3


A no-sweat written exam, including a summary of the Story Design project from Phase 2.

See FAQs below regarding recertification. 

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Badge of excellence

Why is this for you?

You may have read the book, Instructional Story Design, taken the workshop or attended a special session with Rance Greene, the creator of Instructional Story Design and want to deepen your storytelling abilities. The certification course and mentorship prepare you to handle stakeholder conversations, SME interviews, and design/development challenges specific to your situation. The certification means that you are equipped to consult, design and unearth the best story for your learning audience. In addition to the badge, the credentials and the one-on-one mentorship, you'll also receive on-going support to sharpen your Story Design skills. 


How much is the certification?
The fee for Phase 1 (The Experience) is $850. The fee for Phase 2 (Project-based mentorship) is $655. There is no fee for Phase 3 (Assessment).   
What if I've already taken the workshop?
Great! You're ready for Phase 2, project-based mentorship. Contact us and let us know that you're ready for the next step. We'll check for your certification of completion and provide instructions on how to register for the next step. 
What kind of support will I receive after I'm certified? 
The School of Story Design has a vested interest in maintaining the integrity of the certification and investing in its certified designers. Attend the bi-annual Instructional Story Design Roundtable and learn from other Story Designers. Got a course that you're proud of? Let us know and we'll arrange for a special showcase of your work to get feedback from other designers and from Rance. You'll also receive the latest resources that will help deepen your skills. 
Do I have to get recertified? 
The School of Story Design views recertification as an opportunity to increase the skills of its designers and provide valuable feedback on their progress. On the anniversary of certification, Certified Instructional Story Designers submit a progress report to the school. You'll receive personalized feedback geared to keep taking your design skills to the next level.  Recertification is $95/year. 
Are there any additional fees?
Nope. It's required that you complete Phase 1 (The Instructional Story Design Experience) first to practice the basics of Instructional Story Design. If you decide to continue with certification, you may purchase Phase 2 within a year of completing Phase 1. Fees increase slightly year to year. Annual recertification is $95 (see question above). 
How long does it take to become certified?
Each phase of the process can take as long as the candidate needs to complete. It is recommended that all three phases be completed within 8 months, but it can take longer or shorter, depending on the availability of the candidate. Generally, Phase 1 is typically 6 weeks. Phase 2 takes about 3 months (You'll be creating a project from the ground up). Phase 3 is another week or two. 
How will this certification benefit me?
It's more than a line item on your resume. Yes, you can share the credentials on your LinkedIn account, but the best benefit is that you (and your training) will connect quickly with your audience. If you're looking for work, you'll have a unique story to tell L&D Managers who want next-level instructional designers. Instructional Story Designers have the distinct advantage of humanizing the learning experience from the first interviews with stakeholders and SMEs to designing and delivering story-based training that increases learning transfer...and your learners will love you for it. 
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