MAY 8, 2024 9-11am (US Central), 3-5pm (BST)

L&D Partnership Forum 2024

What are L&D Departments doing to shed order-taker status and become partners? The Forum brings leaders together to discuss solid strategies for elevating your team's contributions to the business. This is a 2-hour collaborative session where YOU set the agenda.
 Groups of 4 of more, email for discounted rates.
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  1. Your department's story
  2. Alignment with business goals
  3. The Story Workflow

Connect with peers

Plenty of time to connect with peers during the Forum to share challenges and successes. 

Formulate a plan

From intake to delivery and everything in between, be intentional about your department's mission. 

Elevate L&D

Armed with plenty of resources, you'll raise your team's influence to impact the business. 

Rance Greene

"It's the conversations that take place at the Forum that drive its success. Come, get inspired, inspire others and take L&D Partnership to the next level."

Patrick Jones - Course author

Meet the facilitators

Rance Greene, founder of and the School of Story Design, hosts three learning leaders who are in the business, doing the work of humanizing the learning process. Expect practical, people-centered solutions for every facet of learning from intake of requests to consulting to delivering results. You'll be actively involved in breakout rooms and the main room, critically thinking about some of the most persistent problems that L&D faces. Possibly, the most important 2 hours of professional development of your year!

Laurel Schulert

Sr Director of Learning Experience,
SAP Concur
"The pain of not fully connecting with business stakeholders is real. We must take action with strategic and practical relationship-building skills. Empower yourself to be the consultant that your organization needs you to be."

Moe Ash

Human Development Catalyst
The Catalyst
"Create impeccable learning experiences."

Robyn Defelice

Learning Ops Whisperer
RAD Learning
"I have grown fond of "shared language models" and how learning that our languages are different, but can be translated if we take the time to make those connections is invaluable in gaining the trust of your stakeholders and peers."
The LearnOps platform you've been dreaming of. Robust enough to track the progress of every training request and every learning team member. Flexible enough to humanize the whole experience. 
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