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Up to 25% discount

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Short, spaced, intensive workshops with deliberate practice and expert feedback. 

Connections with other Story Designers

Exclusive community events and L&D discussions with Rance Greene

Inside scoop

Sneak previews/testing of upcoming eLearning courses. In put on future courses. 

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+ Inner Circle membership
What is Inner Circle Membership? Teams of 4 or more, email for group discounts. 

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Many courses are offered more than once to accommodate the time zones of our participants. 

2. Send us a message

Tell us how many workshops you want to register for. Provide the names and dates of each workshop. 

3. We'll send you an invoice

We'll apply the discount and send you an invoice. Pay with credit card, check, direct deposit or PayPal. 

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We'll confirm payment and send you instructions on how to register for each workshop. You're in!

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Self-paced courses in development!  

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