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2 days. 6 hours. Story Design meets virtual training. This workshop focuses on how to efficiently design and deliver action-driven virtual training experiences that learners look forward to. Simple and transformative. 

 Groups of 4 or more contact for group rates. 
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 You'll master:
  1. Analyzing for action
  2. Designing for discovery & discussion
  3. Implementing Story > Reflect > Solve > Feedback
  4. Using virtual tools to increase discovery
 Experience the method
In the main room and the breakout rooms, you'll get to feel the effects of Story Designed virtual training for yourself. 
 Practice the principles
This isn't only about learning the technique of facilitating virtual training, it's about designing and delivering an experience for your online learners...and doing it!
 Get feedback
During, between and after the workshop, get targeted insights from peers and expert feedback from Rance. 


Session 1 (3 hours)
Practice the principles of designing virtual training experiences the Story Design way with other IDs and facilitators from all over the globe, using a sample audience and action list. No pre-req to attend this workshop. 
Set aside a few hours between sessions to finish building out your virtual facilitation experience. No special software required. You'll have a lot of support as you prepare!
Session 2 (3 hours)
Show time! You'll present to a group of peers, who will provide feedback on your work...and you'll give them feedback too, based on a rubric. Plus, plenty of time to dive into questions, challenges and strategy. 

Earn ATD Certification Points

School of Story Design has been pre-approved by the ATD Certification Institute to offer educational programs that can be used towards initial eligibility and recertification of the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and Associate Professional in Talent Development (APTD) credentials. This program qualifies for a maximum of 6 points.
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What they say about the workshop
Jahan Kay
Learning Experience Designer
"Amazing! This workshop was one of the best learning experiences I've had. Besides the rich content and engaging structure, I learned a lot from observing how Rance facilitated the workshop."
Danielle Goldsmith
Instructional Designer + Elearning Developer
"The workshop really helped give me a map I can use for designing and delivering virtual training. A great foundation and hands-on practice!"
Ray Handley
Learning Specialist/Director
"I often had technical ways of engaging people in small and large groups but did not use story design at the start. This will make a huge difference."

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Bring Story Design to every aspect of the learning experience!

Rance Greene

Rance Greene formed and the School for Story Design for those who struggle with storytelling at work. His methodology—Story Design—gives leaders, designers and developers a systematic and creative way for discovering who their audience is and how to persuade them to take action on new ideas. He helps talent development teams and consultants discover that they are uniquely equipped to tell the best story for their learning audiences. Rance is the author of Instructional Story Design, a practical guide for developing stories that train. He coaches, teaches, speaks and writes often on the benefits of stories to connect people to one another.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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